Economy and Jobs

Though some parts of California have completely rebounded from the Great Recession, the economy in most inland regions of the state – including Stanislaus County – remains lackluster. It is critical that we elect leaders who understand the importance of promoting job-creating policies and who are committed to actively seeking ways to bolster our local economy.

In order to make our county competitive, we need to cut unnecessary red tape and ease the process of obtaining business permits and licenses. Government should not act as a roadblock for businesses attempting to open or expand in Stanislaus County. Simplifying the process of opening a business makes it easier for employers to create jobs for our working families.

From the Modesto City Council and halls of the Capitol in Sacramento, and now as your County Supervisor, I have, and will continue to seek out ways to increase investment in the Central Valley and partner with local business leaders for the betterment of our region. As your supervisor, I promise to continue advocating for policies that promote job creation and improve the quality of life for our working families.



Water is the lifeblood of the Central Valley—integral to the health and vitality of not only our crops and fields, but of our businesses, homes and schools as well. The state has mishandled our water supply for decades and failed to plan for the future. Acres upon acres of farm fields now lay fallow, and thousands of jobs have been lost. Our economy and families have suffered tremendously and yet, the State continues to threaten to take more water out of our rivers for environmental purposes.

As your State Assemblywoman, I took a lead role in advocating for Proposition 1—which will provide billions over the next several years to fund water storage and other projects that will lessen the devastating effects of the drought and ensure we are better prepared for the future.

Locally, we are fortunate that Stanislaus County and its cities have taken a proactive approach to increasing water supply through projects like the North Valley Recycled Water Program (NVRRWP). It is projected to create over 500 jobs and generate millions of dollars for our local economy, while delivering new water supplies to communities that desperately need it.

Projects like the NVRRWP and the approval of Prop 1 are steps in the right direction, but the effort should not stop there. As you Supervisor, I will advocate for long-term solutions that prepare Stanislaus County for economic growth and protect us from future droughts. I will also stand up for our community by continuing to protect our local water rights and oppose state water grabs.


Public Safety

Our children deserve to grow up in a community that is free from violent crime. Parents shouldn’t have to worry about their kids playing in the front yard or at the park down the street.

Public safety is one of the most important functions of government and should be prioritized as such. Our deputy sheriffs and fire personnel put their lives on the line to provide vital services that keep us safe. As a mother and a citizen, I want to make sure that our public safety officers have the equipment and resources they need to protect the public and to reduce drug and gang activity in order to keep our neighborhoods safe.


Government Transparency & Fiscal Accountability

As your Assemblywoman, I have fought hard to reform Sacramento. A government of the people, for the people, and by the people should be accountable to the public, so I worked hard to pass legislation that would create a more transparent and fiscally-accountable government. Though some of these laws are now on the books, I was met with heavy opposition from underhanded politicians who wanted to continue doing the people’s business behind closed doors. Regardless, my fight for a more transparent, citizen-driven government has provided me with valuable knowledge and experience that I will bring to the Stanislaus County Board of Supervisors.

Local government provides the unique opportunity for people to work closely with their elected officials. This open dialogue creates an efficient government that is truly accountable to the people. As your Supervisor, I will remain a strong advocate for fiscal responsibility, transparency, and government accountability.


  • Kristin is fighting for commonsense reforms, while staying true to her fiscally conservative principles.