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Real estate group plans to support Atkins affordable housing bill

SACRAMENTO | April 29, 2015 A bill that would create a permanent funding source for affordable housing through […]

Democrats kill Republican bills on teacher tenure, firing

SACRAMENTO | April 29, 2015 A legislative committee on Wednesday rejected Republican education bills that would have overhauled […]

Here’s How Gov. Brown Wants To Punish California’s Water-Wasters

SACRAMENTO | April 29, 2015 Wasting water in drought-stricken California could soon cost you up to $10,000, Gov. […]


  • Kristin Olsen is a problem solver who rejects the harsh partisanship of the Capitol in order to forge bold reforms and realistic solutions for California — even in the face of staunch opposition.

  • Kristin is fighting for commonsense reforms, while staying true to her fiscally conservative principles.

  • Kristin Olsen has been a voice for small business while in the Assembly. Kristin has supported lower taxes and fewer regulations on business – things that are critical for our members to survive and thrive in California. We are pleased to support her.