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What the Legislature can do to restore the public’s trust

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Computer education: Shouldn’t it be part of high school?

Today our state faces a paradox: too many Californians are having trouble finding employment, and at the same […]

County Pulse: California Board of Registered Nursing activates online license application system

California’s Board of Registered Nursing in Sacramento is hoping for a smoother licensing process now that an online […]


  • Kristin Olsen is a problem solver who rejects the harsh partisanship of the Capitol in order to forge bold reforms and realistic solutions for California — even in the face of staunch opposition.

  • Kristin is fighting for commonsense reforms, while staying true to her fiscally conservative principles.

  • Kristin is a principled conservative who will defend families. She has the courage to speak up when others won’t.

  • Kristin Olsen has been a voice for small business while in the Assembly. Kristin has supported lower taxes and fewer regulations on business – things that are critical for our members to survive and thrive in California. We are pleased to support her.